We’ve gotten started on building out the first puppet for one of the short series we’ve been writing, and have we got plans for him. This prototype puppet is going to end up with a few siblings that are going to match him. Since he’s destined for a certain amount of near destruction, we’ll need a few brothers and sisters to come in and take his place if he ever gets too far gone. His name is Redd Greenie Bloo, and we’ve just about got the template worked out. We’re still building his face and have a lot of work left to do on him. The eyes we’ve made so far aren’t really up to the challenge, so we’re going to try a few other options. Furthermore, we still need to build out the ribbing and shoulders to help mold out his body. Even in his current state he’s been loads of fun to start playing with. If all goes well, these shorts are going to pretty freakin’ funny.

      Hi, I’m Adam Benson

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