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      New Art For “Gone Girl” Music Video

      Painting of Monument Valley

      I’ve got a few more paintings done for the Dioramas for my “Gone Girl” music video. The elements in these paintings are intended to be placed on cards and moved around once I get the sets built. The most distant background portions or the paintings are designed with a small amount of perspective so that when they’re printed and pasted onto the cardboard sets, the angle of the fold will allow them to look straight.

      On The Ocean

      While the perspective of these looks a little wonky now, once the elements are broken out and put into the Diorama sets and the camera starts moving around them, it should all feel a little more correct. For instance, the seaside town and the dock in the Ocean picture are intended to move across the frame at different times as the boat moves across the horizon. Some fun bits of parallax that should make these elements work better in the final video. For now, they’re all very compressed.

      I still have many more painting to make before I start construction on the sets. Final construction will utilize carboard backdrops with elements printed on matte photo paper, and matte transparency sheets and then using sticks and strings to move them around. There will be a fan (on low) applied to some of these, and they’ll be shot in slow motion to give the whole thing a more surreal feel. I’m pretty excited to get to that point, but I can’t rush it.

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